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Puppy and Kitten Diets

  • At CVH, we recommend feeding your puppy/kitten a balanced diet that is approved for growth, until they are fully grown at one year of age. At one year, we transition over to an adult diet.

  • There are many available puppy/kitten commercial diets that are approved for growth and are AAFCO standard. 

  • Diets we tend to gravitate towards- Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin, Purina Pro Plan, Eukanuba, Iams, and Wellness.

  • We like these diets as these companies research their food, work with veterinary nutritionists, and have been making food for a long time. You can find more information on the WSAVA website>>

  • Puppies can be fed 3-4 times a day until they are 6 months, then are fed 2-3 times until they are a year old, then are fed twice daily.

  • Kittens tend to like small frequent meals. It is important to be aware cats are obligate carnivores and need meat in their diet (taurine). A vegetarian diet is not appropriate for cats.

  • Please be aware of grain-free diets. This can lead to severe heart disease. Here at CVH, we recommend grain in diets. For more information see FDA report or Tufts foodology.

Regarding feeding strategies:

  • Home-cooked diets: we recommend speaking with a veterinary nutritionist to balance diet. This strategy is time-consuming.

  • RAW diets: we don’t recommend this feeding strategy due to the zoonosis risk. If you choose this strategy we would ask you to wear proper protection, follow strict cleaning protocols and be aware the bacteria can still be in the stool.


Puppy and Kitten Diets Countryside Veterinary Hospital