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Meet the Trainers

Tatjana Sena is our trainer for puppy socialization and level one obedience class. Tatjana graduated from Animal Behavior Institute 2021 with certification in canine training and behavior specialist. Tatjana joined Countryside in 2020. When she is not training she is working at our Doggie Day Camp and sharing her knowledge with our other team members. She chose to work as a dog trainer because she wanted to share her knowledge about dogs with owners who love them as much as she does.

Stephanie Frost has been with Countryside since 2004, she joined our dog behavior training team in 2008. Stephanie first became interested in behavior training seven years ago when she adopted Jack Daniels, her Jack Russell Terrier. Jack had a behavior issue where he was reactive to other dogs, and Stephanie knew she needed to learn how to appropriately manage Jack’s behavior. Her research into canine behavior helped her manage Jack’s issues, and sparked her interest in learning more about dog behavior training. Stephanie started as a training assistant and has become a full behavior trainer.


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