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Medical Boarding

Closely monitoring pets in need of extra care.

Our facility will board pets that need more specialized attention. We monitor these patients closely. They are taken care of by our technician team and if needed are examined by our Veterinarians on staff. There are additional fees for those patients that need more care. 

Diabetic pets are medical boarders. They require daily monitoring by a veterinarian, appetite monitoring, and insulin administered by our trained technicians. 

Other pets that may need to be monitored by our medical team include, but not limited to:

  • Pets that need assistance walking or can’t walk
  • Pets that need to go outside multiple times daily
  • Pets that are being treated with chemo medications
  • Pets that require daily fluid administration
  • Pets that have multiple medications spread throughout the day
  • Pets that have had recent surgical procedures

Pets requiring physical therapy multiple times weekly can also board with us. These pets would need to be monitored by our medical staff as well as our rehabilitation (physical therapy) staff. This would be PT guided boarding. PT guided boarding requires pre-booking of PT sessions as well as booking a boarding reservation. 

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Medical Pet Boarding in Chelmsford