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Boarding FAQs

Find answers to the most common questions.

How often are dogs taken OUT? 
Dogs will be let out a minimum of 3-4 times a day. Your pet will be taken outside to a secure yard while your pet's room is cleaned and given fresh water and food. 

Are any other services provided like grooming, nail clipping, and bathing?
Any veterinary or grooming services are available while boarding for an additional fee. 

Should I bring my pet's food or belongings?
If you would like to bring your pet's food that is up to you, we provide a low-fat diet while your pet is with us. If you do decide to bring in your pet's food please do not bring it in a large bag or container. Any other belongings should not be brought in like large beds or special toys. We clean their area multiple times a day making it easy to misplace special belongings. We have pet cots and bedding that we provide. 

What time is drop off and pick up? 
Drop off: anytime during posted business hours, but before 2pm will be an early admission, and fees will apply. 

Pick up: your pets anytime during posted business hours, if you pick up after 11am a late discharge fee will apply unless your pet is scheduled for a grooming appointment. 

How far in advance do I need to book? 
Many boarding kennels, especially during holidays, are booked weeks or months in advance. We recommend when you book your own vacation, book your pet's stay! A holiday differential fee will apply to any pet staying during a holiday. 

What if my pet gets sick during its stay? 
We require an annual boarding contract to be signed. This contract lists the most common illnesses that may occur such as stress colitis. The contract highlights three different options for you to choose from to provide us guidance for how you would want us to handle treatment. We do ask for emergency contact information so that if needed we are able to reach out while we are caring for your pet.

My pet needs medication. Can they still board? 
Depending on the medication we will need to determine if boarding or medical boarding is better. The kennel staff is trained to give oral medications. Medication needs to be brought in the original package labeled with instructions. We do have a daily medication fee. Pets that need multiple medications or specialized care should be a medical board. Our team can help guide you in what the best option is for you and your pet.  

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